Sunday, December 28, 2008

Costa Rica

Though 2008 has been a very difficult year in many ways, I have been able to travel to many wonderful places this year, one of which was Costa Rica in July with my very best friend Ashley. 

We stayed in the northern region of the country, very close to the Nicaraguan border. Because of our line of work,  Ashley and I are able to stay in some beautiful properties that I would NEVER be able to afford otherwise. We are lucky girls. 
I fell in love with these wandering cows. One of the main causes of traffic accidents in Costa Rica are cow-related. There are currently no enforced laws against letting your animals roam free. As a vegan I first thought this was great, but after a few hours of driving along the VERY narrow, un-lit one-way roads through Costa Rica, I soon realized why this a major problem.

As a side note, whipping down these roads at midnight with our escort singing "Black Velvet" in poor English at the top of his lungs was one of the best parts of this trip.
These male oxen are attached to each other for life. When one dies, the other usually follows right after.
Sugar cane fields.

Wherever I go I  try to take pictures at local markets. Sausage is obviously big in Costa Rica

We saw these spider monkeys up close and personal when we later went on our zip-line tour. They are amazing and the cutest things ever. 

We were in Costa Rica during the "Gold Season" so the trees had lost the majority of their foliage.

Hello again..

After a long, long time I have returned to my blog. No good excuses as to why I have not kept this up in 2008, but the usual holds true: I am not as organized as I would like to be.

Here comes 2009 and it is already showing itself to be a kinder year than the last, filled with babies, art, new friendships and change all-around.

I'm ready to jump in with both feet.

Enjoy to following posts full of new/old photos.