Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Beginning...

I seem to take pictures of the same types of items/people/animals wherever I go; these are things that catch my interest always, but never look the same. These are my Collections.

Being fortunate enough to work for a company that will send me around the world, I try my hardest not to take that for granted. I am also aware that I may not be in this field forever so i am going to enjoy every bit of it while I am.
I take lots of film with me wherever I go and I rarely buy souvenirs. My photographs are my memories but I don't usually photograph what I need to remember, I photograph what I know I may forget...a lovey cat in a amazing meal over looking the ocean...children playing in the sand...broken metal pipes…colorful storefronts...the details.
I also spend quite a bit of time going on photo safaris with my very talented love Brian ( He has been shooting photos for years, and has an amazing eye. He and I use completely different cameras ; I have a 35mm Nikon N90 that my amazingly talented sister-in law Jessamyn ( passed to me a few years ago, and Brian uses mostly a Polaroid Propack or a Holga. Because of this, we look at photographs in completely different ways. He always inspires me.

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