Sunday, January 11, 2009

St. Martin

We returned to St. Martin as the weather was getting cloudy and rainy. This is the largest of these three islands we visited; harboring the largest airport, highest population and the most things to see and do. This is a GREAT place for families with kids of all ages, but before I get too carried away with the concerige-talk here are some of my favorite pics from the 3 days we were there:
Big dog at the ferry dock. was he going to ride the ferry? I'm not sure.
As my co-workers know all too well, I love to check out the local grave yards wherever I go. This is the Cimitere de Marigot.
I took this photo at about 8:00am, this man was already there, dress in nothing but his underwear tending to a grave. Now that is pure love.

These villas must be sprayed for bugs heavily and often to keep clients from calling people like me during their stay to complain them. You're in the tropics people, get over it.
Fancy crystal at villa Petite Plage 5

This was taken at Orient Beach. The majority of this beach is nude, however when we were in the clothed portion of the beach this lovely creature passed by. I love his idea of being 'clothed'!

Daughter of one of the house keepers, waiting for her mother to complete her day of work at a local hotel. 
Have I mentioned that I love documenting just about every island doggy and kitty I see?
The owner of this property said this cat was "so mean and hates everyone" however, I found her to be so so sweet and she wouldn't leave my side! 


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